General Cable and our suppliers are linked together in co-destiny to ensure that we meet or exceed the expectations of our customers, stakeholders and the communities which we serve. We consider our suppliers to be an integral part of our manufacturing operations and therefore expect our suppliers to meet or exceed established performance targets for sourced materials and services. Our supply chain partners are expected to support our commitment to environmental sustainability, safety, citizenship and innovation.

At General Cable, preserving the environment through the reduction of energy consumption, the elimination of or substantial decrease in the use of hazardous materials and recycling is part of our continuous improvement culture, from the design of our products to the operations at our manufacturing sites. We seek to partner with suppliers who share our commitment to environmental sustainability and continuous improvement. Our suppliers are required to meet all applicable environmental laws and are expected to exhibit a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Safety is at the very core of our manufacturing excellence and is an integral part of our industry leadership and performance. We expect our suppliers to provide products with the safety of our customers, associates and neighbors in mind. Our suppliers are required to meet all applicable health and safety laws at a minimum, and they are challenged to go “beyond” with General Cable in the pursuit of safety that exceeds the minimum standards in the workplace and community at large.

General Cable places a strong emphasis on being a responsible citizen, and we expect the same from our suppliers. Our suppliers are expected to comply with our Code of Ethics and Compliance Guidelines or adhere to their own ethical conduct policies that are similarly aligned with our ethical values. Our suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to environmental, health and safety, anti-corruption and employment laws.

As a leader in the wire and cable industry, we believe that our company has a responsibility to develop new and innovative products designed to reduce our environmental impact. We have challenged our suppliers to develop and supply us with more environmentally sustainable products without compromising the high standards of safety and performance that we require for the benefit of our customers and neighbors.

To ensure our suppliers are aligned with our expectations, General Cable’s North American and European & Mediterranean operations have implemented a Supplier Quality Management Process designed to communicate our performance expectations and provide feedback on how well our suppliers are meeting established expectations. The goal of the Supplier Quality Management Process is to foster an environment for continuous process improvements via planned business reviews, technical exchanges, and the establishment of mutually beneficial productivity projects and enhancements in all areas measured by General Cable’s Supplier Report Card. By engaging our respective resources, we ensure continued growth for both organizations.

In addition to our Supplier Quality Management Process, our North American operations also provide Lean Six Sigma training for our suppliers to help them incorporate continuous improvement into their business. Our Supplier Lean Six Sigma training program involves assisting our suppliers in developing a Lean Six Sigma program, training candidates and leaders, coaching and mentoring candidates, and assisting suppliers in executing projects in such areas as inventory reduction, cycle time improvement, quality improvement and defect reduction, simplification of processes and improved process capability and stability. Click here to learn more about how we assist customers and suppliers in utilizing our Lean Six Sigma philosophy.