Specialty Cable

From portable power and braking to electrical distribution, a wide range of rail and transit applications demand custom-engineered wire and cable that can withstand harsh environments. We have the design and manufacturing expertise to meet your needs.

Per UL Subject 6140, our diesel locomotive DLO 2000 Volt cables are designed for portable power applications that require continuous flexibility, durability, and resistance to oils, sunlight, heat and flame.

As the industry choice for today’s electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) brake systems that provide better control, lower risk of derailment and reduced braking distances at higher speeds, our ECP brake cables meet the stringent standards of AAR  S-4210 and are designed specifically for installation both under and between cars.

Used in jumper assemblies for locomotive-to-locomotive, locomotive-to-car, and car-to-car applications, our head-end power (HEP) cables are designed to withstand heavy flexing, oils, abrasion, sunlight and heat.

Specialty Cable Offerings:

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