M24643 Copper Communications Cable

Our leadership in the data communications industry combined with our years of experience in providing Mil Spec cables brings you ShipLAN® shielded Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH) Category 5e cables for reliable high-speed shipboard communications. Originally qualified as the first Category 5e cable for naval shipboard applications, our ShipLAN cable and patch cords are qualified to M24643 to offer a combination of high performing electrical characteristics with low-toxicity and flame-retardant properties.

Our ShipLAN Category 5e cables are constructed with a proprietary thermoset jacket system that provides flexibility and ease of stripping for easier, faster and more cost-effective installation. Thoroughly tested and proven to resist the extensive tensile strain, compression and bending of real-life shipboard installations, our ShipLAN Category 5e cables keep on-board mission-critical information flowing.

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