M85045F & M49291C Blown Fiber Optic Tubes, Fiber & Accessories

Based on a combination of our extensive experience in developing military fiber optic cable and our original commercial blown optical fiber (BOF) technology, our M85045- and M49291-qualified Blolite® BOF systems for U.S. Navy shipboard applications provide you with a flexible future-proof fiber installation in challenging environments. With over 500 miles of military Blolite fiber already installed on several aircraft carriers and amphibious assault vessels, you can count on Blolite to meet all relevant Mil Specs, including flame, smoke and toxicity requirements.

Ideal for accommodating quick reconfigurations, changes and upgrades at sea without the need for new cable installation, Blolite blowable fiber is blown into or out of tubes that are available in M85045-qualified single microduct or seven-tube multiduct options with an enhanced thermoset jacket system for superior performance. Blolite is available in single-mode or multimode fiber types, and up to 12 Blolite fibers can be deployed per tube for simplified high-density installation.

M85045F Blown Optical Fiber Tubes
  • M85045/25: Seven 8mm Tubes, Thermoset, Blown Optical Fiber
  • M85045/26: One 8mm Tube, Thermoset, Blown Optical Fiber
M49291C Blown Optical Fiber
  • M49291/6-05: Multimode, 500μm, Blown Optical Fiber
  • M49291/7-02: Singlemode, 500μm, Blown Optical Fiber
Blown Optical Fiber Accessories
  • AA-59731-U-8E — 8mm Tube Union
  •                                5mm Tube Union
  • AA-59731-TS-8E — 8mm Tube (Small Bore) Tee
  •                                  5mm Tube (Small Bore) Tee
  • AA-59731-EC-8E — 8mm Tube End Cap
  •                                   5mm Tube End Cap
  • Tube End Cap (temporary) — 8mm
  • Tube End Cap (temporary) — 5mm
  • AA-59728-TFP-8  — 8mm Tube Fitting Plug
  •                                   5mm Tube Fitting Plug
  • AA-59730-TTP-2 — Tapered Tube Plug (2 - 6 fibers)
  • AA-59730-TTP-3 — Tapered Tube Plug (8 - 12 fibers)
  • 705990 — 5mm Duct Inline Splitter
  • AA-59731-R-E — 8mm to 5mm Reducing Tube Straight Coupler
  • Tube Clips (TM-08) SMC
  • Tube Cutter
  • Tube Cutter Replacement Blades

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