Electric Vehicle (EV) & Hybrid Products

All electric and hybrid vehicles on the market today require reliable electrical performance and charging power.  This begins with the charging station and the assembly to the actual cord itself, which delivers the needed energy to the vehicle.

General Cable manufactures EV cord & assemblies, battery cable and primary wire that are compatible with commercial and residential charging applications. General Cable’s ruggedized Carol® Brand Plug-In Vehicle SAE J1772™ Integrated Connector Assemblies and its CarolGrene Ultra Flex® EV Cable are engineered to meet or exceed UL and SAE standards and offer superior durability for indoor and outdoor charging stations, even in the harshest of environments.  And with our Prestolite Wire® Brand wire and cable and specialty products, which are engineered to enhance the next generation of EV technology, we provide lighter weight and more flexible solutions.

Our EV product line is ideal for electric vehicles (EV), neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV), battery electric vehicles (BEV), hybrid vehicles, low-speed vehicles (LSV), personal electric vehicles (PEV), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).  Our EV cable is compatible with SAE J1772 EV plugs, Level One 120 V charging units and Level Two 240 V charging units.

We also offer a full line of private-label options including custom cable printing, polymer colors and molding options that are available to help differentiate your brand. Let us serve your EVSE needs today with our fully customized and integrated EV solutions for any environment.

General Cable’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Products include:
  • General Cable’s line of Carol Brand CarolGrene Ultra  Flex® EV Cable supplies charging power for all electric vehicles on the market today and is compatible with commercial and residential charging applications.
  • The CarolGrene Ultra Flex line, when terminated in accordance with electric vehicle industry standards, is the most comprehensive product offering with three standard jacket types:
    • EV All-Rubber Jacket – Offers the most flexible, durable cord with superior chemical and abrasion resistance to withstand daily abuse and temperature extremes in the harshest of environments; ideal for commercial and industrial applications
    • EVE Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Jacket – Lightweight for easy handling, superior flexibility in comparison to other TPE jackets, and can be molecularly bonded to caps and connectors for lasting strength, even in rough applications
    • EVT Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Jacket – The most economical of the three standard jacketed EV cables in the line; lightweight and best suited for consumer or home charging applications
    • Ruggedized Carol Brand SAE J1772 Connector Charging Assemblies, featuring General Cable’s highly flexible, lightweight CarolGrene Ultra Flex rubber or plastic EV cables are configurable and designed for residential, commercial or public charging stations.
  • The complementary Prestolite Wire® Brand Wire & Cable line includes:
    • Battery Cable
    • Prestolite Wire® Brand Primary Wire

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