High- & Extra-High Voltage Underground Transmission Cable Systems

Reliable Solution for AC High-Voltage Transmission

For more than half a century, our Silec® Brand has been synonymous with maximum service life in high- and extra-high voltage (HV/EHV) underground cabling systems. Designed, engineered and manufactured to ensure long-term, reliable performance and low maintenance for your current and future underground transmission projects, this comprehensive line of environmentally-sound solid-dielectric underground cable is available in:

  • Rated voltage 69 kV up to 500 kV
  • Copper or aluminum conductor up to 5,000 kcmil
  • Welded aluminum sheath, aluminum or copper laminated foil, or lead sheath
  • Copper or aluminum concentric neutral wire screens
We also offer you a complete range of accessories from 69 kV (72.5 kV) to 500 kV (550 kV) to connect cables up to 5,000 kcmil per IEEE 48 and IEEE 404. 

Our cable systems are optimized to meet and/or exceed your technical specifications while meeting international standards like IEC 60840, IEC 60287, IEC 62067, ICEA S-108-720 and AEIC CS9. 

Our high-and extra-high-voltage underground cable systems are backed by ongoing support and an extended range of services that include:

  • System design and engineering
  • Project management and planning
  • Cable and accessories installation
  • Construction management
  • Onsite testing and commissioning
  • Turnkey installation
  • Training
  • Post-project maintenance and diagnostic services

Built on decades of product development expertise and experience with an installed base of thousands of miles of cable and associated terminations and joints, our high-and extra-high-voltage cable system solutions allow you to stay on schedule and within budget. 

Proven Technology for DC

Silec Brand HV/EHV solid-dielectric extruded insulation technology has proven to be very suitable for HVDC cable systems. It is nearly maintenance free, easy to install and environment-friendly for long, high-power connections. For over two decades, General Cable has been in the field of HVDC extruded cable system technology and has already undertaken numerous type tests, both short term as well as long term. After having developed and qualified 270 kV cable systems based on Line Commutated Conversion (LCC) device during the 90’s, General Cable has continued research and development efforts and is now able to offer a complete ±320 kV extruded cable system.

Please contact silecna@generalcable.com for more information on our HVDC cable systems.

High- & Extra-High Voltage Underground Transmission Cable

High- & Extra-High Voltage Underground Transmission Accessories

High- & Extra-High Voltage Underground Transmission Turnkey Services

  • System Engineering & Management 
  • On-Site Testing 
  • Diagnosis & Spare Parts
  • Training

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