Low-Voltage Secondary Distribution Cable

Manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable ANSI/ICEA, UL and CSA standards, our complete line of PowrServ® cables are available in numerous conductor design and cable assembly options to meet your specific low-voltage secondary distribution needs and ensure reliable service for your commercial and residential customers.

Available as PowrServ XL lead-free cross-linked polyethylene or PowrServ AR lead-free abuse-resistant composite XLPE/HDXLPE insulated cable, our 600 V insulated underground secondary distribution cables provide power from pad-mounted secondary power transformers. Rated for 90˚C with maximum abrasion, impact and sunlight resistance, PowrServ cables are also available in Combined Duct & Cable construction.

To deliver power from secondary power line or pole-mounted transformers to your customers’ service entrances, choose our PowrServ OH overhead  600 V service cables available in duplex, triplex and quadruplex neutral-supported constructions. These cables also come in Reverse Twist Secondary (RTS) and Parallel Lashed Aerial Cable (PLAC) designs to facilitate easier phase conductor separation for mid-span taps.

Developed for congested urban networks in wet or dry locations and for direct burial or installations in ducts, our PowrNet® cable is easy to install and features a Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH) jacket system that reduces the amount of gas and smoke emission in the event of a fire.

Low-Voltage Secondary Distribution Cable (U.S. Designs)  USA-Flag_web.jpg

PowrServ® XL Underground Distribution Cable

PowrServ® AR Abuse-Resistant Underground Distribution Cable

PowrServ® Tri-Rated Underground Distribution Cable

PowrServ® Combined Duct & Cable

PowrServ® OH Overhead Service Drop and RTS/PLAC Secondary Cable Neutral-Supported PowrNet® Underground Network Cable

MasterPak® Reel-less Packaging

Low-Voltage Secondary Distribution Cable (Canadian Designs) 

PowrServ® PE and XL Underground Distribution Cable

PowrServ® OH Service Drop Cable Neutral-Supported

Other Distribution Conductor & Cable

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