XHHW-2 High Speed (HS) Copper Cable

General Cable XHHW-2 High Speed (HS) cable is intended for general purpose wiring in residential, commercial and industrial construction and is ideally suited for building wire power distribution. Typically used in conventional conduit and wire installations, XHHW-2 HS cable is approved for use in raceways as service, feeder or branch circuits and direct buried per the recommendations of the NEC®.

General Cable XHHW-2 HS cable is available with a full color, specially designed cross-linked polyethylene insulation that allows for fast and easy cable pulls without the use of pulling lubricants. The easy-to-pull insulation significantly reduces pull force during installation that results in real cost savings for the contractor by reducing labor, waste and material costs.

Available with a Low-Smoke, Zero Halogen insulation, GenFree® II XHHW-2 is designed for use in auditoriums, arenas and health facilities where more stringent specifications for smoke and halogen-free materials are required and maximum performance is critical.