Outside Plant Fiber Cable

NextGen® Brand fiber optic cable is right for any outside plant application. Outside plant cables with loose tube constructions are built to withstand adverse environments and provide the maximum fiber protection. These cables perform exceptionally well in wet conditions and during extreme temperature cycles.

They can be installed in ducts, direct buried and aerial/lashed, providing the flexibility needed to meet the demands of campus backbones and other outside plant requirements.

General Cable manufactures a wide range of cables from 2–312 fibers with a variety of designs to meet the demands of most installation conditions. Only the highest quality materials are used in NextGen fiber optic cables to ensure that the cable strength and optical integrity are not compromised. Rugged jacket materials and the addition of armor provide the right level of protection. Our line of outside plant products conforms to TIA/EIA, ICEA, Telcordia and RUS standards.

NextGen® Brand Outside Plant Fiber Cable Offering: