Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)

Optical Ground Wire, or OPGW as it is commonly referred to, serves as a ground wire and a telecommunications link at the same time. The basic design of NSW® Brand’s OPGWs includes optical fibers placed inside a central aluminum buffer tube, which is armored by one or more layers of wire to provide tensile strength and additional conductivity.
ECN Conventional Ground Wires
Araweld® (aluminum-clad steel) overhead ground wires provide the very best means of obtaining lightning protection. They combine conductivity, corrosion-resistance and high strength – all of the properties necessary for such protection.
NSW® Metal-Armored Self-Supporting Cables (MASSs)
MASSs are similar to OPGWs, but are not designed to bear any electric load. Whenever MASSs are required, NSW also offers a central tube design cable based on OPGW technology.