Indoor Fiber Cable

NextGen® Brand fiber optic cables are optimized for any premises application. Premises cables with 900 μm tight buffer constructions are built to withstand the continuous handling and difficult routing typical of building backbones.

Our NextGen Brand fiber optic cables emphasize flexibility, handling and proper fiber termination characteristics. This provides reliable and simple installations every time. These cables are used for intrabuilding vertical (backbone) and horizontal runs. 

General Cable manufactures riser, plenum and low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) cables, which includes distribution designs as well as breakout style cables with fiber counts up to 144 fibers.  Our premises cables have an industry-standard 900 μm tight buffer for termination to connectors. The tight buffer diameter is tightly controlled to provide reliable, first-time connections. Breakout cables utilize 2.4 mm breakout dimensions for rugged environments and compatibility with connectors. All fibers are color-coded and subgrouped (if necessary) for easy identification for handling.

NextGen® Brand Indoor Fiber Cable Offering: