Fiber Optic MINISUB® Cable

NSW® Brand’s MINISUB® is a rugged, lightweight fiber optic submarine cable with unique features. Within the MINISUB cable family, NSW offers repeaterless as well as repeatered cable types optimized for all network requirements.

A key design element of the NSW MINISUB is the central copper tube, which ensures reliable protection of the fibers in the core against hydrogen ingress.

NSW MINISUB fibers have excess longitudinal length and are not coupled to the cable’s outer structure. This prevents fiber damage during cable handling and laying, and thus guarantees optimal fiber performance throughout the lifetime of a cable.

The high specific gravity of the cable results in optimal sinking speed to facilitate accurate laying exactly “on-route.”

Both repeaterless and repeatered types are available as lightweight (LW), lightweight-protected (LWP), single-armored (SA) and double-armored (DA) cables.