Fire Alarm Cable

Fire alarm systems have expanded from a rather simple and unsophisticated business configured upon large, electromechanical devices to one relying upon the most modern technologies of microprocessor and chip technology. More and more end-users—industrial, commercial as well as consumer—are relying upon these emerging systems to protect both property and life. However, these systems are only as good as their weakest component, whether that component is a processor or interconnecting wire and cable.
General Cable manufactures all Carol® Brand Fire Alarm products of only the finest available materials and provides the service and assurance that the end-user not only needs, but requires for use in these and any other systems. Aside from the quality materials used in these designs, specifiers and end-users of Carol Brand wire and cable products have come to expect that these cables are registered and certified with the leading regulatory agencies such as Underwriters Laboratories … and we haven’t let you down!
Our Carol Brand designs have proven themselves in the area of fire system security over time, with all being fabricated with solid, bare copper conductors and insulations and jackets of premium-grade PVC. Offered both with and without shields, the former to protect these critical circuits from noise, these cables will provide the latest in available technology for the system installer and contractor.

Carol® Brand Fire Alarm Cable Offerings: