Upstream Exploration & Production - Offshore Topside Applications

To meet increasing power requirements and ensure reliable control, instrumentation and communications systems, offshore rigs, mobile drilling units, production platforms, FPSOs and ships rely on our comprehensive range of industry-leading, application-specific cables for stabilization and directional drilling. Every General Cable topside cable is engineered with the reliability and performance you require to ensure the safety and operational integrity of mission-critical equipment for successful drilling, exploration and production of vital natural resources in the most demanding offshore exploration and production environments.

Upstream Exploration & Production - Offshore Subsea Applications

As offshore oil exploration continues to expand to deeper waters, our processing capabilities and decades of experience deliver subsea cables that meet stringent industry specifications and the specialized power, control and communications requirements of vital seabed infrastructures – from underwater platforms to ROVs, winches, ploughs and trenchers. More

Upstream Exploration & Production - Onshore Applications

From Alaska's North Slope to the Equator, General Cable's full platform of robust, low maintenance and high functioning cable designs meets the challenges of onshore oil and gas exploration and production well into the future. From a variety of IEEE 1580 Type P mud oil-resistant constructions and continuously corrugated welded armor low- and medium-voltage cables designed for hazardous installations, to cables engineered for maximum longevity in the most severe electrical submersible pump (ESP) applications, your land drilling rigs can rely on our onshore cable solutions. At the same time, our wide range of low-voltage cables maintains standards-compliant performance and data transmission integrity for the ongoing operation of modern automation, instrumentation, control and communications systems.

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