Power Transmission

Introducing TransPowr® with E3X™ Technology, the utility industry’s first heat-dissipating conductor that optimizes the power grid by adding more capacity and controlling losses, ultimately resulting in improved sustainability, reliability and resilience with significant first-cost and long-term operational savings!

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Overhead, underground or under the sea, we help you reliably and cost-effectively transmit uninterrupted energy to your customers as you strive to expand and modernize the electrical grid.

As a leading supplier of an extensive line of high-performance, relevant conductor and cable products to the utility industry for more than 100 years, we help redefine power transmission by engineering groundbreaking designs that lead the way in performance, reliability, efficiency and environmental sustainability. With innovations like TransPowr® ACSS and T-2® overhead conductors, Silec® Brand high- and extra-high voltage underground cable systems and NSW® Brand submarine solutions, we deliver smart designs that offer higher operating temperatures, robust performance in wind and icy conditions, and maximum service life across a wide range of transmission applications.

As your long-standing partner in the transmission market, all of our solutions are backed by world-class operations, a highly qualified team of engineers, and a commitment to provide you with unparalleled support. You can be sure you will receive the most effective, economical cabling solution for your specific transmission needs, when and where you need it.

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