Power Distribution

Introducing TransPowr® with E3X™ Technology, the utility industry’s first heat-dissipating conductor that optimizes the power grid by adding more capacity and controlling losses, ultimately resulting in improved sustainability, reliability and resilience with significant first-cost and long-term operational savings!

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When it comes to modernizing the grid to efficiently distribute clean, affordable power, we stand behind you with the most comprehensive line of distribution cables that ensure maximum reliability and service life while reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Highly attentive to challenges and changes in the utility market, we respond by engineering distribution cables that provide maximum value and advance the way you distribute power in the 21st century. With its innovative filled EAM insulation that is proven to be more efficient, effective and economical, our lead-free EmPowr® Fill LF medium-voltage primary distribution cable leads the market and meets increasing regulatory requirements. Our full line of PowrServ® overhead and underground low-voltage secondary distribution cables meet the latest service entrance requirements. PowrNet® 600 Volt secondary network cable meets the challenges of congested urban networks.

As your long-standing partner in the distribution market, all of our solutions are backed by world-class operations, a highly qualified team of engineers, and a commitment to provide you with unparalleled support to make sure you get the most effective, economical cabling solution for your specific distribution needs, when and where you need it.

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