Together We Are General Cable: Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary  

The General Cable Way Forward is our people, in partnership with each other as One General Cable – living the shared values, the foundation of everything, to achieve our goals together.

Our global workforce is a highly diverse group that comes from a wide world of ethnicities, backgrounds and abilities. Our people are valued for their knowledge, skills and expertise. Each of us is unique, but strong collectively and united by our drive to succeed as one. We share a total commitment to safety. We are motivated to continuously improve our individual and company performance to deliver maximum value to our customers and our shareholders.



Respect for every team member is vital, we’re in it together. We encourage each other everyday to be our best.

  • We build trusting relationships with each other
  • We encourage and recognize others’ achievements
  • We embrace a healthy work/life balance for all
  • We support our communities

We are vigilant. Together we look out for one another, putting safety at the heart of everything we do.

  • We go Zero & Beyond - Safety is central to everything we do
  • We make a personal commitment to our safety and health, every day 
  • We believe all accidents are preventable

Honesty and transparency holds us together. We are unified by our strong principles.

  • We hold ourselves accountable for our actions
  • We do the right thing – always
  • We speak up and celebrate candor in all circumstances
  • We never compromise our values for short-term results

We are inquisitive and focused. We always look to better understand our customers, working together to create the best products and service.

  • We understand our customers’ needs and strive to exceed their expectations
  • We work with our customers to add value to their lives and businesses
  • We seek solutions that benefit our customers and our company
  • We balance short-term results and long-term value

Together we make the difference. By embracing our expertise and can-do attitude, we inspire and motivate each other to achieve extraordinary results. 

  • We are committed to superior performance, for our company and ourselves 
  • We take the initiative and challenge the status quo 
  • We find innovative solutions to grow our business 
  • We own, fix and learn from our mistakes

Together we will win! We align our strengths and capabilities individually and as a company to be the best.

  • We share best practices
  • We work together to make sure that every voice is heard
  • We create an inclusive environment that values diversity
  • We make decisions together, in the best interests of our company

In support of our company's Values, learn more about our Ethics & Compliance Program now.