Ask a Question or Report a Concern

Preserve Our Culture of Integrity ... Prevention Starts with Each of Us

Raising a question or concern protects the General Cable community; our company, our colleagues and our stakeholders. If you have a question or concern about compliance with any policy or law or about what is proper conduct for you or anyone else, you have a responsibility to promptly raise that question or concern to your supervisor, Human Resources, Legal, the Global Compliance Office or to our Compliance HelpLine.

General Cable's Global Compliance HelpLine is available 24 hours/7 days a week, in all of General Cable's languages. Questions or concerns may be submitted by either identifying oneself or raising anonymously, where allowed by local law, via:

  • U.S. Toll Free: +1 877-256-8862
  • U.S. Direct: +1 770-582-5269
  • Non-U.S.:  For country-specific numbers, see the Contact Information section of the Code of Ethics.
Your confidentially is respected at all times. Your identity and the information you provide will only be shared on a “need-to-know” basis with those responsible for resolving the question or concern.

General Cable absolutely prohibits retaliation against anyone who raises or assists in addressing a question or concern in good faith. Retaliation is grounds for discipline up to and including dismissal.